E3 Ministry

E3 Ministry

Mar 24, 2018

E3 Soccer Camp

E3 Soccer Camp On-site IDD: Children, Teens, and Adults About: An IDD (intellectual and developmental differences) soccer camp for children, teens, and adults. (free event) Contact: Select “General” on the Contact Form and let us know what you’d like more information about. This event is a part of our Collaboration Week..
Mar 25, 2018

Kingdom Kids

Children and families impacted by intellectual and developmental differences (IDD) find a place of respite in our Kingdom Kids group. During the 9:00 hour, all elementary-aged children experience inclusive worship in LAB (Learning About the Bible). Each child is paired with a buddy (adult, teen, or other child depending on abilities) and is encouraged to participate in games, music, prayer, and Bible study. After a snack between services, children either return to the LAB for a second hour of inclusive…