There’s a super-spiritual insinuation that I’ve heard here and there that goes like this: “The Pharisees and teachers of the law were the religious experts who knew their Bibles so well but opposed Jesus. I guess the fear is that too much Bible is dangerous for us—it could make us religious hypocrites.” But the Pharisees and lawyers weren’t the best Bible students around.

Do you know who knew the Bible better?

He has always wanted his disciples to know the Scriptures. In fact, Jesus spent a good length of time after he rose from the dead explaining how the various parts of the Bible related to him (see Luke 24:44-49 and Acts 1:3). That’s my hope for this Fall’s first offering of Equip. If we are to follow Jesus, we need to know and to use the Bible the way he taught his first disciples. 

What we will do in EQUIP

  • When we begin on September 8, we will look at the table of contents in our Bibles and at the structure that holds the books together.
  • Then, we will spend a couple of weeks each on the major groups of books in the Old and the New Testaments.
  • We will read key passages together to see how ideas stretch across books and lead toward Jesus. You have permission to mark up your Bible!
  • I will give you an outline and other passages to discuss with your family or Life Group.
  • We will talk about how to use different parts of the Bible for your own growth and for your relationships with other believers. 

The Bible is our family history, our guidebook, our clear message from God. This first semester of Equip should help us get better acquainted with our God and who we are as his children. 

Reasons to participate in
Equip: The Story of the Bible.

  1. You want to prepare for a year of reading through the whole Bible that you finish and enjoy. 
  2. Your Life Group needs a topic for your Fall meetings.
  3. You aren’t in a Life Group yet.
  4. You want to know Jesus better than just your favorite verses.
  5. Alsbury needs you to have more wisdom to encourage other disciples more effectively.
  6. You want to improve your experience of praying and to see more results. 
  7. Sharing the gospel makes you nervous because there’s so much you can’t explain about being a Christian. 
  8. Encountering God across the grand story of Scripture will humble you, plus shape your thoughts and passions around his.