Don’t Settle

Don’t Settle

People “LIKE US”

We connect easiest with those who have similar interests, are experiencing similar life events, and who share similar perspectives on more controversial subjects.

I have learned when someone says they are not able to connect with others at church they typically mean there are not enough people “just like them” within the congregation. They are actually saying, “I want people my age, who look, think, and vote like I do, who raise their children as I do, and who have the same hobbies and interest as me.”

People who are nothing like me

Christ’s Church is about intentional connection, which is rarely easy. His Church is made up of every ethnicity and nationality. His people speak different languages and have different customs. Our fellow Christians may not vote like I do, see cultural realities as I do, or interpret various passages of Scripture the same as I do. I am called to share life with these people, too.

Our point of connection
is our place in the Kingdom of God,
not the world of man. 

Strive to Connect

Our congregation is made up of several hundred brothers and sisters in Christ. Our relationship with them begins with our shared relationship with Jesus. 

God loves variety. Just look at the natural world around you and you’ll see just how much God loves variety. God loves variety within his Church, too. 

Strive to connect with others at a much deeper level than the world typically settles for. Set your vision far beyond the shallow similarities you may have with another person and choose to connect at the much deeper spiritual level.

  • Put down your device and have a conversation.
  • Share your faith story.
  • Ask them to tell you their story
  • Actively love by serving others.
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