Does ANYTHING exceed your love for Jesus

Does ANYTHING exceed your love for Jesus

Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

Matthew 10:37

Nobody has ever loved us as Jesus loves us. Nobody.
On the cross Jesus demonstrated just how much he loves us. He suffered and died as a living testimony to his love which is like no other.

Response to His Challenge

I received a message Sunday in response to the challenge Jesus issued in Matthew 10:37.
The note reminded me that as we age we see more and more of those we love leave this life for eternal life in heaven. It seems one of the ways God prepares us for our own death. Over the years our own hearts turn more toward heaven and less toward here.

The writer described how keen this reality had become with the death of his own son. A huge part of his heart now resides in heaven. He thinks about a coming day when tears will be wiped away and when sin and death will be fully defeated.

He recently sensed the Holy Spirit challenging him as only the Spirit can. As he prayed he sensed the Spirit asking, “Are your eyes more toward heaven because that’s where your son is or because that’s where I am?” The question is as challenging as Jesus’ statement about our love for Him should surpass all others.

The note continued with a powerful description of his emotional struggle with answering the very direct question. Of course he knows the “correct” answer, but he also knows the deep loss and longing he has felt every day since his son passed away. His love for his son and his desire to see him again makes heaven sweeter with each passing day.

We are not criticized for possessing such love. Obviously, the relationships we enjoy and the emotions we possess are all gifts from God. He knows how much we love one another and He is pleased with such love.

However, we each should ask ourselves if our love for Jesus exceeds the love we have for family and friends. It should, because nobody has ever loved us the way Jesus loves us.