David vs Goliath

David vs Goliath

We love an underdog

We love a David and Goliath story, don’t we? We find this theme in the movies we watch — Luke Skywalker goes from farm boy to Jedi while opposing Darth Vador and the Dark Side. And who doesn’t get amped when they hear the Rocky theme song? It also becomes the narrative in the sports we watch — Any time a football team other than the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, we say “that was a David and Goliath battle.” These type of stories of the little guy taking on the daunting adversary capture our heart and attention.

I wonder why… Maybe because we find it easier to identify with the small or weak character rather than the big and powerful one.

Facing our giants

The reality is that we all face giants in our lives.  Though the giants in our lives may not be 9 foot tall soldiers, we all face our own obstacles in life.  And the giants we face are just as real and fearful and imposing as David’s Goliath.  And seeing how David faced his Goliath can give us encouragement to face our own giants. 

David stepped onto the battlefield and Goliath was still there.  We often pray that God would remove all the obstacles in our lives when sometimes we should be praying that God would give us the confidence to face our giants. It is interesting to note that David’s boldness to face his Goliath inspired the rest of the Israelite army to enter the battle, too.

Perhaps God is wanting you to be the catalyst that inspires others to bold faith, but first you have to be willing to face your giant.