Increased effectivess

For months our Deacons have questioned how to best increase the effectiveness of their valuable and important ministry. They saw the need for more people serving as Deacons. We anticipate the addition of women will elevate the care provided to the church by each and every Deacon.

Darkest Before the Light

Don’t Look Beyond the Cross Don’t make the mistake of looking beyond the cross as we prepare for Easter Sunday.  Sunday will most certainly be a day of joyous celebration! We will unite our voices with those of a thousand generations in declaring, “He is not here; the tomb is empty!”  Our celebration, however, will focus more upon the cross than the empty tomb.  John Stott, in The Cross of Christ, wrote, “The resurrection cannot stand by itself. Since it…

Recreation Becomes Outreach

The Collaboration 2019 has come to an end. Our European guests have returned to their homes in Germany and Serbia. An incredibly busy two weeks of collaborative ministry involving people from seven different countries is behind us. The goals and objectives for this year’s Collaboration were changed from those of previous years. Rather than random acts of service throughout the community we focused on taking various areas of our Alsbury ministry to a higher level. Each will continue in the months…

My Prayer This Week

Personal Worries Monday during VBS our children wrote a short note about personal worries. Our leaders asked them to, “Cast all your anxiety on Jesus because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). Some of the children’s responses were reasonable. “Snakes,” for instance. Or, “Braces.” One wrote, “Bugs buzzing around.” Others were amusing. “Zombies” was one child’s personal concern. Some were shared concerns. More than one wrote, “Passing the STAAR test.” Several wrote, “Making friends.” Others were disheartening. “My grandma’s…