Alsbury’s First Impression

Alsbury’s First Impression

Maybe you have heard about Alsbury’s First Impressions Teams.  Who are they and what do they do?  Perhaps this can best be explained by the following scenarios:

David and Jan Go to Church

David and Jan are new to Burleson.  They have both accepted teaching positions in BISD.  They are determined to locate a new church home prior to school getting underway in the fall.  They have two sons; Davey is 5 and Jon is 3.

Scenario 1:

David and Jan arrive in the over-crowded Alsbury parking lot and struggle to find an empty place to park.  They reach the church only to discover that what appears to be the church is actually the Youth Building and the Gym is actually the Worship Center.  Once at the Gym, they learn that the Preschool Area, where they planned to leave Davey and Jon, is actually in the Youth Building!  By the time David and Jan return to the Gym, after placing Davey and Jon in the Preschool Area, the 10:30 service is well underway.  With no little effort, a place to sit is found in the dimly lit room – two seats in the middle of a row of chairs.  Much to their relief, somewhat exhausted, they finally manage to occupy those two seats.

  • How would you rate this experience for David, Jan and the boys?  Alsbury Failure!
Scenario 2:

David and Jan arrive in the over-crowded Alsbury parking lot. However, they find plenty of parking in the area reserved for Guests. Mike meets them as they exit the car. After a word of greeting and introductions, Mike takes them to the Preschool Area where they are greeted by Mary Jo and Diana. Diana now escorts the family to Preschool Registration. After Davey and Jon are in their classrooms, Diana escorts David and Jan to the Worship Center where they are given a bulletin and a Connect Card.  Once inside the foyer, Diana introduces them to Laura.  Laura now offers them information that will assist David and Jan in connecting to Alsbury’s Activity Groups or Life Groups.  Laura accompanies them to the Coffee Bar and then to the Auditorium.  Once inside, Laura introduces them to Frank and Barbara. Bill arrives and escorts the four of them to four chairs that appear to be reserved just for them.  During the 5 minutes remaining before the service begins, Frank and Barbara engage David and Jan in further conversation. When the service begins, everyone is encouraged to fill out the Connect Card.

With the information David and Jan provide through the Connect Card, a communication is sent thanking them for participating in worship at Alsbury. On Tuesday, a handwritten note is received from Pastor Scott.  Midweek, arrangements are made to deliver brownies to them where further connection is made.

  • How would you rate this experience for David, Jan and the boys? ALSBURY SUCCESS!

Who Is the First Impressions Team?

Alsbury’s First Impressions Teams consist of: Eyes and Ears Team, Greeter Team, Welcome Center Team, Coffee Team,  Usher Team, Brownie Team, and introducing The Connection Team. As a group, these teams strive to remove any obstacle to connection that our Guests may encounter as they visit Alsbury for the first time. If this sounds like a lot of effort, it is! If you wonder about the worth of all this effort, think about your first-time visit to Alsbury. Would you have found it to be worthy?

How can you make a difference

We have a committed group of individuals who serve on these teams every week and we are looking for more. As we begin to wind down the summer and gear up for the coming school year, the First Impressions Team will be playing an even more important role in breaking down barriers of connection so new families and individuals can begin building authentic relationships within the Alsbury family and with God.


To be a part of this group, you can fill out our online Connect Card or contact Brock DeWald (email)