5 Tips to Daily Reading Your Bible

5 Tips to Daily Reading Your Bible

New Year/New Habit

Every habit develops through a combination of discipline and time. We decide to do something. We do that something regularly for several days in a row. Consequently, a new habit develops.

Sunday I asked you to commit to time in the Bible every day through the end of the year. Together we are developing a wonderful habit. 

Here are 5 tips that will help us fulfill the challenge. 

  1. Make it a priority. Whether it is the first thing you do, the last thing, or something you do at another time of the day, make it a priority. Say “no” to other things so you can say “yes” to time in the Word. 
  2. Be prepared. If you have to hunt down your Bible each day you will probably soon abandon the challenge. Know what you plan to read, too. 
  3. Remind yourself. Set an alarm on your phone. Leave a note at your coffee maker. Schedule an appointment on your calendar. Remind yourself until the habit is developed. 
  4. Set small goals. I no longer try to read the Bible through in a year. That’s a great goal but it is also large. A smaller, more achievable goal is to time in Scripture on a daily basis. Small goals are achievable goals. 
  5. Use additional resources. You’ll find multiple tools online. Some of those resources will send daily reminders. A devotional guide will have Scripture references to read. Whatever works best for you is the plan to follow. 

Thanks for making the commitment to read the Bible every day through the end of 2018. By the first of the new year we will have developed the habit of “daily time in the Word of God.”