In Our Desperation, Jesus Is Able

In Our Desperation, Jesus Is Able

Jesus is able . . . 

  • to transform gut-wrenching pain into glorious testimonies of praise. 
  • to shatter the shackles that holds a person captive. 
  • to restore what enemies have devoured. 

Desperate belief

In Mark 9 a grieving father described to Jesus how his son had long been oppressed by an evil spirit. The son was unable to speak. The evil spirit often caused him physical harm.

The father didn’t demonstrate inspirational faith. No, hopefulness had left his heart many years previous. The father revealed this was little more than a last-ditch effort by saying, “But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.”

Jesus, with what I sense was more compassion than consternation, said, “‘If you can’?’ Everything is possible for one who believes.”

The father, desperate to believe though crippled by doubt, declared, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

It was a statement of, “I believe but I really wonder if you will work in my family.”

While believing Jesus to be fully capable he wondered if his circumstance was beyond the grace, goodness, and power of God. 

Jesus is able . . .

  • to work in and through any and every pain or challenge you might face today. 
  • to do what only he can do when all around say the situation is beyond hope. 
  • use what we would least expect to bring about what we would never anticipate. 

Believe this.
Believe it with all your heart.
And when you waver ask Jesus to help.