Who Are You Becoming?

Who Are You Becoming?

What’s your favorite one-liner? I enjoy using puns that make my kids groan. On the other hand, a few one-liners have illuminated my hazy thoughts and emotions recently.

Who are you becoming by what you are doing?

Think back in your life 5 years. Did you have hopes or plans for the future? How have you responded to the major events that have happened over the last five years (family growth, broken relationships, suffering, new responsibilities, changed income, etc.)? Who has shared the highs, the lows, and the ordinary days with you? The story of your inner and outer life tells who you have become. You have become the kind of person: who hangs around your friends and family, who thinks about your experiences like you think about them, and who lives the daily rhythms you have lived for the last five (or 8, 11, or 30) years. In other words, you are the kind of person who does what you have done and who knows who you know. Your choices and responses to life have formed your character. What future are they shaping for you?

measure your life

Recall the African proverb,
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
There might be a way to measure that for your life. Think about your five closest friends/family members—how they follow Jesus, how they love and serve others, how they handle stress and suffering, how they approach work & rest, and all other ways we could look for maturity. Your potential to grow and to improve yourself is about the average of those five closest friends. If you spend regular time with people who are willing to make changes to follow Jesus, they will increase your potential to grow.
Talk to your Life Group about who you want to be in five years.
Ask them to help you become that person.